Tuesday, January 29, 2013

into the light of the dark black night

One More Cup Of Coffee
picture by KatieAnnOwens

Maybe the first time an image has every embodied the ultimate goal of my life. Coffee, books, mountains, and a really cozy blanket. Probably something in the oven. At the moment, I can't figure out what is in there, a batch of cookies or a hearty meal. Here, we say "I love you back" instead of "I love you too" because it's better or maybe just because it's new. There's this moment in the song Blackbird that I get really concerned because it feels like the song is ending. Even though 1:36 is too short for a song to end, it seems like it could end there because that was a good 1 minute and 36 seconds. But you need just one more Blackbird singing in the dark of night to come after into the light of the dark black night. And when the music continues at 1:45, it's like, thank god. No matter how drowsy I am after playing the song over and over again before I go to bed, my breath catches a little bit at 1:36 and releases at 1:45.  (When I am too tired to read, I sleep on the right side of the bed and my computer sits on the left side, playing me Blackbird or Moon River). That's how I feel about the mountains.

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Christielli said...

That *is* a great picture. Makes me want a secluded cottage in the mountains right now.